The link between Robotic Process Automation and Digital Transformation

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As an expanding technology, capable of improving business outcomes, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has the capacity to support digital transformation. For this reason, many businesses are looking for ways in which they can bring this kind of change to their business functions, particularly to ensure they are using cutting edge technology.

Read on to find out how RPA supports digital transformation, what the future holds, and how your employees are needed to incorporate and deploy such digital projects.

Digital Transformation and RPA

It’s important to understand that RPA takes on a very different role depending on the process and the industry. Across various industries such as finance, insurance, legal, media, primary infrastructure, hospitality and utilities, RPA is being used to automate mundane, high volume, and time consuming processes. These can include various tasks such as order and AP processing, HR, data audits and migration, service job entry and invoicing. Consequently, RPA is reshaping the ways these organizations can operate and their efficiency levels.

But, how does this support digital transformation? RPA is best described as a technology that will assist in evolving digital transformation for companies across all industries and all functions.

Through its automation capabilities, RPA allows organizations to tackle operational challenges, for example, executing large amounts of back office activities. Companies can gain knowledge about their business patterns and the performance of their workflows through data provided by RPA. Companies can then leverage this information to adopt digital strategies which help adapt their processes to be more efficient.

In addition, RPA makes achieving digital transformation, quick and straightforward in many cases. The robots can be taught to mimic the actions of employees, ranging from anything including clicks and copy-paste tasks to more complex tasks, such as workflows and activities, such as invoicing.

In many environments, the existing process flow can be redesigned for Robots to make use of increased speed, continuous and highly accurate activities, incorporate validation and verification without the need to stop and recheck its steps, etc.

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