Robotic Process Automation in Health Care

The benefits of RPA in health care

Cases where RPA has been adopted in health care during the pandemic

  • The Infection Prevention and Control Department of The Mater Hospital in Dublin used the support of UiPath’s attended robots in order to deal more easily with the heavy administrative burden posed by the need to track the massive amount of COVID-19 test requests. Software robots were able to process the testing kits much faster than their human counterparts. Each nurse had their own robot to do the paperwork, which resulted in savings of three hours per day. Consequently, the medical staff were able to dedicate more of their time to actually caring for patients. Paradoxically, the use of robots makes healthcare services more human.
  • A large hospital in the US — the Cleveland Clinic — used attended robots to help with administrative tasks such as adding new patients, accurately recording their data and reporting it to the CDC. This drastically reduced the uncompleted work and saved around 8–9 minutes per patient. Moreover, an additional source of hassle — namely the errors in data transcription and processing — has been completely eliminated.
  • Hand sanitiser continues to be an essential product during the pandemic. The influx of orders to a Chinese hygienic company rose tenfold, making it impossible to keep processing the orders in SAP. To help the company better cope with the spike in demand, 20 unattended software robots became team members.
  • The Mater Misericordiae University Hospital in Dublin received much-needed help from software robots to automate reporting of COVID-19 test results. The bots logged into the hospital’s laboratory system, wrote down the correct disease code and then input the test result. By doing this, the hospital saved three hours of work per day and the medical personnel gained more time for human-to-human interaction with patients. Operational efficiency skyrocketed and so did the staff’s job satisfaction, even during these trying times.



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