We recently had an interview with Eric Dye from Enterprise Radio about robotic process automation that resulted in a podcast. We talked about the benefits of RPA, what processes are suitable for automation in order to maximise successful outcomes and more.

In this podcast, we tackle the key questions that most of our customers ask us, in the hope of helping those of you who have been wondering whether RPA is a good choice for your business.

We spend the first 10 minutes of the podcast discussing what is robotic process automation, how it works and the cost related benefits vs. the soft benefits. We go through a few examples of processes that can be automated and how to pick the best ones for automation.

For the second half of the podcast, we dive into implementation time, costs and examples. In short, depending on the complexity of the processes you wish to automate, the RPA implementation time can vary from days or weeks to months (for the complicated ones that require a lot of documentation).

We also mention one important aspect, that is commonly misconceived in the market, which is, you don’t have to automate 100% of a process.

Make sure to listen to the end to find out more, and also get inspired by a few examples of processes we have automated for our clients. Plus, we expose a quick explanation that clarifies how you obtain and calculate the ROI of your RPA implementation and intelligent automation services.

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