Implementing Robotic Process Automation: An Overview of the Potential Opportunities and Difficulties

Pros of RPA

An insurance provider is a good example of a business that may consider using automation to bring more order and efficiency to administrative tasks and business processes. The insurance company needs an automation intervention that can handle the bulk of the back-office processes to allow for greater business flexibility and growth. RPA can deliver numerous clear benefits to the insurance provider, including more efficient processing of claims, increased accuracy in input of manual data and the agility to scale up or down based on business needs.

The above advantages of using Robotic Process Automation are obvious and easy to conceptualise, yet there are also many deeper and broader implications to the successful application of this technology, which are discussed with much less frequency. Other benefits of RPA include:

• Higher Levels of Compliance: By removing gaps in data from different sources and automatically logging all actions taken, a greater level of compliance is achieved. Employees can manage any compliance complications in a proactive manner, with consistent internal reviews. With this ability, RPA has the potential to support numerous companies where compliance to industry regulations is imperative, including insurance, healthcare, and financial service providers.

  • Compatible and Non-Intrusive: The operations of RPA are modelled on human actions, which means they use the User Interfaces of the technologies, rather than traditional technical integration. Consequently, existing software and hardware do not need to be altered for the successful implementation of Robotic Process Automation. In this respect, it is one of a kind amongst automation interventions. The necessity for RPA to be an IT-led project is therefore diminished and it can be operated by employees without high levels of coding skill (albeit IT is still essential in managing the supporting infrastructure and they can certainly make use of RPA for many of their own processes).

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