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At CiGen, we’ve advocated numerous times that one of the most important benefits of RPA is relieving employees of cumbersome, repetitive tasks. Robotic process automation also helps make the switch from process focus to customer focus, it improves accuracy and quality, process speed and timeliness, and allows the workforce to shift to higher value tasks.

Rather than fulfilling stereotypes as job-eliminators, software robots are increasingly becoming reliable and appreciated coworkers for employees globally. To this end, UiPath has recently commissioned a study through Forrester Consulting to investigate the impact of RPA on employee engagement and experience. Forrester conducted eight interviews and gathered data from a survey of 100 decision-makers from core business lines.

“In the survey, 66% said RPA restructures existing work, enabling employees to have more human interactions, and 60% said RPA helps employees focus on more meaningful, strategic tasks.”

Other findings from the study that caught our eye:

  • Better customer service is one of the top 3 benefits that 85% of surveyed firms expect to achieve through RPA.
  • 82% firms emphasised change management as a challenge, especially when it comes to cultural issues.
  • More than half of surveyed firms report improved employee engagement as a benefit of RPA.
  • Other benefits include increased efficiency (86%), deeper insights into customers (67%), and improved customer service (57%).
  • For nearly 70% of organizations, RPA is enabling employees to have more human interactions.

Read more about UiPath’s goal “one robot for every person” and further insight from Forrester on their blog.

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