5 Factors to Choosing the Right Business Processes to Automate

RPA as a competitive advantage

  • It offers a quick return on investment: According to McKinsey, the revenue in the first year upon RPA implementation shows a growth of 30–200%.
  • It facilitates compliance: RPA minimises human error (a source of never-ending compliance stress for organisations). Also, software robots are perfectly suited to multiple-source data management and report generation.
  • It improves cybersecurity: Encryption, segregated access to data within an RPA team, provision of a ‘zero touch environment’, active directory integration, or managing alerts, are just some ways by which RPA actively supports security.
  • It makes data management more efficient: RPA can bridge the gap between different legacy data processing systems, and perform comprehensive data analysis.
  • It makes people really matter: Employees no longer have to carry out boring, repetitive, monotonous tasks, so they have greater flexibility and time to engage with customers and to provide higher-value customer service.

Factor 1: The Level of Human Involvement

  • Fluctuate with transactional demand
  • Are time consuming
  • Require high attention to detail and high levels of involvement on the part of an employee.

Factor 2: The Intricacy of the Task



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