5 Factors to Choosing the Right Business Processes to Automate

Redwood Software conducted a survey of 300 corporate managers in the US and UK, which found that ‘79% of enterprises said automation delivered time savings, 69% cited “improved business productivity” as the key benefit of automation, [and] 61% said automation regularly provides cost savings.’

This data supports the opinion that Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can deliver dramatic improvements to business procedures. Although RPA does have multiple applications in an organisation, some tasks are suitable for Robotic Process Automation, while others are not. Simple tasks should be automated as a first step, while more involved activities can be automated later, when a company is already familiar with RPA. Non-standardised, variable processes are a challenge to the limits of RPA’s capabilities. It is much easier to automate rules-based, consistent activities using RPA, as this is what it is really designed for.

Companies considering RPA need to know which kind of processes should be automated to attain the outcomes they seek. In this article, we will delve into this topic by uncovering the five most important factors to help organisations work out if a business activity is suited to Robotic Process Automation and how they can leverage this technology to its full benefit.

Factor 1: The Level of Human Involvement

Tasks are most suitable to automation if they:

  • Fluctuate with transactional demand
  • Are time consuming
  • Require high attention to detail and high levels of involvement on the part of an employee.

These kinds of activities might include data input and output, order/claims processing and entering customer details into the company database.

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